Sunday, March 24, 2013

It has been a while since I posted up here.  I have been so busy.  But the time has come.  I am releasing my newest novel, This I Promise You, in May.  I am beyond excited about this modern day tragedy.  I have taken a lot of my own personal memories from a special relationship I had when I was younger and put into this book, along with many tears.  This dramatic story is about first love and how the seemingly smallest decisions can change everything.  It just may be the greatest story I ever write and one everyone should read!

You only get one first of anything, and no matter the time, or space, or age, you never forget your firsts.

When thirteen year old Nicky Moore’s parents decide to buy a small summer beach cottage at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, she thought her life would end.  It didn’t matter the beauty of the area - land and water as far as the eye could see - she was bound and determined to make her family’s summer vacation as dismal as she felt.  That was until she met a boy from down the beach; a beautiful boy, with the most intense brown eyes she had ever seen and a smile that could light the ocean on fire.  A summer that Nicky thought was doomed from the start, turned into a summer that she would never forget; one full of firsts.  It was impossible for her to know years later how one seemingly little decision could change everything forever, but soon, as an adult, Nicky will find out that everything she once thought were real and the promises once made, were lost in a sea of inner turmoil.